Wanted VII – Wingene, Belgium

Wanted VII – Wingene, Belgium
WANTED VII | WINGENE, BELGIUM On sunday we decided to go and visit the Wanted Event in Wingene, this tuning event was organised for the 7th time already. We started our hour and a half roadtrip to West-Vlaanderen in the gaze of a bright sun and clear skies. When we arrived around 11 o’clock a [...]

HOW Tuningday 14 – Anderlecht, ...

HOW Tuningday 14 – Anderlecht, Belgium
HOW TUNINGDAY 14 | ANDERLECHT, BELGIUM Another show season is getting underway, another HOW Tuningday to visit. The 14th time already for the Heaven On Wheels crew. And again a huge success for the charity event they are supporting with this tuningday. When we arrived at 9u30 the covered parking lot of CORA, which is [...]

Eurosunday 2016 – Lommel, Belgi...

Eurosunday 2016 – Lommel, Belgium
EUROSUNDAY 2016 | LOMMEL, BELGIUM Eurosunday is one of those events you have to visit every year, just because you know you will get value for your money. The reputation they have build up during the years gives them this credit. We will be honest about it and tell you this was the first time [...]

Two Fifteen: Car Culture 2016 –...

Two Fifteen: Car Culture 2016 – Zonhoven, Belgium
TWO FIFTEEN: CAR CULTURE 2016 | ZONHOVEN, BELGIUM On Whit Monday we visited Zonhoven this year where Two Fifteen had organized Car Culture 2016.  The day didn’t start well, when we started our trip to Zonhoven it almost immediately started raining, we hoped this would stop once we arrived and luckily it did. The sky [...]

Lay Low No.5 – Kortrijk, Belgiu...

Lay Low No.5 – Kortrijk, Belgium
LAY LOW NO.5 | KORTRIJK, BELGIUM The first event after the Wörthersee Tour always has it hard. This simply is because when people are over there in Austria they get used to a lot of quality cars being assembled in one place. This meant that the guys and girls behind Lay Low would have huge [...]

35. GTI Treffen – Wörthersee, A...

35. GTI Treffen – Wörthersee, Austria
35. GTI TREFFEN | WÖRTHERSEE, AUSTRIA The last part of our Wörthersee roadtrip is entirely about what also was the last day of our stay in Austria. We visited the immensely popular GTI Treffen in Reifnitz. Held for the 35th time this year and with a new concept: “Back to the Roots”. This meant that [...]